Who Is Newmark?

Headed by a long-time watch enthusiast, we are based near Cheltenham in the United Kingdom.

The Newmark of now is not the Newmark of old.  We are, however, extremely proud to be able to bear the Newmark name on our watches.

Conceived in late 2016 initially with the objective of reproducing the rare and desirable Newmark 6BB Chronograph, by late 2018 we had succeeded and spurred on by this achievement we look to the future with a large back catalogue of watches from which to draw inspiration for upcoming models.

Who Was Newmark?

Dating back to 1875, the original Newmark company imported Swiss watches until the late 1940s when they received a government grant to enable manufacture of watches in the UK.

By 1950 production was underway and over the following decade between 6 and 7 million watches were manufactured at the Newmark factory in Croydon, near London.

Newmark reverted to the import of Swiss watches in 1960 and over the next 20 years there would come a plethora of designs from dress to dive. In 1980 the company supplied the 6BB Chronograph to the Royal Air Force – this was possibly the last watch to bear the Newmark name…until 2018 when we successfully introduced the new 6BB.

Why ‘Newmark’?

Our use of the Newmark name came quite by accident when we were pondering what might be an interesting watch to manufacture. What we didn’t want to do was sit and think of a brand name – besides, we’re not creative enough!

Quite simply, the idea of producing a modern version of the Newmark 6BB chronograph, by default, required the use of the Newmark name.

Our Mission

In a world of ‘cutting out the middleman’ or ‘disrupting’ or ‘redefining’ all we aim to do is produce wearable, reliable and attractive watches. It’s as simple as that.

We are lucky to have the support of a growing number of followers and supporters and for that, we are very grateful. Our watches now adorn wrists the world over and that in itself is something that we are very proud of.