6 April 2020

The website has been rehashed a little as you will see and we have updates on the following products:


The 6BB, HS and NP Panda Chronos are all available on the site. The 6BB and HS now come with one strap – the 6BB with the Admiralty Grey NATO and the HS with the leather backed Cordura NATO.

The price of all three Chronogrpahs is now £279.00 shipped worldwide. When buying more than one chronograph a 5% discount will automatically be applied.

Newmark 71

Our remainder stock of the 71 is now available for purchase. As you will see from the gallery and item pages, due to the low numbers available (in one case just one watch) then it is impractical to use the shopping cart system.  There is however a form to use for enquiries which automatically tells us which model you are interested in. We will respond ASAP and can send you a PayPal invoice for purchase.

The watches on offer can be found here:

Newmark 71

21 March 2020

The Newmark Panda has been made available earlier than anticipated given the current health situation worldwide.  It can be found here: Newmark Panda

Other news concerns the Newmark 71.  Kickstarter watches have shipped and we’re working on putting remainder stock online.  The graphic below shows the variations that will be available with the numbers in brackets indicating quantities of each model.