Newmark Waterking

8  October 2021

After much deliberation and due to various factors we have decided to delay the launch of the Waterking until 2022.   Whilst this is disappointing it is unfortunately unavoidable.  We’re working to get things back on track as soon as possible and will of course update as we go.

12 May 2021

Newmark Waterking

Finally the Waterking prototypes are in sight and due to be completed by the end of May. Thus, they should be with us during the first week of June when it will be good to share much anticipated images.

Newmark 52

The 52 has been very well received with the Black now being sold out. Less than 10 pieces of the Gilt remain and 14 of the Ivory.  At this time we’re not sure if the 52 will be made again but will update here when a decision is made.

Newmark 6BB, HS and NP Panda

We have made the decision to discontinue all three of the Newmark chronographs and thus they will not be made again.  The 6BB and HS are all gone with just 15 examples of the NP Panda left for sale.

Other News

We are currently working on new designs to replenish the range and will share updates here and via the mailing list as they arise.  Watch this space!

04 February 2021

Newmark Waterking

You may have seen these on our Instagram page but today we are pleased to announce that we’re pressing ahead with our new compressor style diver. Full specifications will be posted soon but in the meantime and in brief: a 39mm diameter case with 47mm lug tip to lug tip; 20mm lug width and approximately 11.5mm thick to the top of the triple AR coated sapphire crystal. 200m water resist.

The movement will be the Miyota 9039 no date and we won’t be offering a dated option on this occasion.   We will be making a quick evaluation of prototypes once they are with us with a view to having the watch on sale in the autumn (all things being well).

Other News

We have one brand new HS Chronograph available which we discovered during a stock check! Available now.

02 December 2020

Today we have introduced our new Deluxe NATO straps – available in 6 colours and 2 widths (20mm and 22mm).  These are just about the best NATOs you will find in their price range even if we say so ourselves!

30 November 2020

We have been running a 10% discount on watches over the last week which has been very successful and which was due to end yesterday.  Quite a few customers have contacted us asking if we could extend this for a few days into December to allow for paydays. So, we will let the 10% discount run until Friday 4th December – it’s automatically applied at checkout so no need to enter codes etc.

The HS Chronograph is now down to 2 pieces available – once they are gone, they are gone as we won’t be manufacturing them again.

17 October 2020

The Newmark 52s have started to arrive with customers and the video you can watch below was recently posted on YouTube. The ‘Unboxer’ is very enthusiastic as you will see and has a very distinctive style which I love!

A video is better than a still for showing the gilt relief dial as you will see. Enjoy!!

29 September 2020

Newmark 52

The Newmark 52 has arrived and amazingly for the watch business, we are ahead of schedule!  Thus, notwithstanding any unforeseen delays we will make them available on the website this coming Friday 2nd October at 18:00 BST (17:00 GMT), priced at £195.00 each including worldwide shipping.

I have posted a couple of pictures on Instagram which hopefully give a reasonable idea of what they are like; suffice to say they are excellent in the metal, far better than my photographs!

8 September 2020

Both the Newmark 6BB and HS Chronographs are now back in stock, both in very limited numbers.

5 September 2020

Newmark 52

Lots of interest in the 52 thus far and things are on their way! Production is progressing very well and we are hopeful that the watch will be available mid-October. We will update here and via the mailing list once we have a firm date for launch.


The 6BB has continued to be a success and we find ourselves out of stock at the moment. We will however have a small quantity available soon though this is likely to be no more than 10 or so watches. At this time we are not sure if more will be made but if so, it won’t be until mid-2021 at the earliest.


The HS is also temporarily out of stock with a few being available soon – similarly to the 6BB this will be a small quantity of no more than 15 watches. We have decided that we will not be making the HS again.

NP Panda

The Panda is in stock with plenty available and we are pleased to announce that from today, it will be supplied on a medium mesh bracelet fitted as standard (with the leather strap included also).

We will update the website as soon as possible to reflect this but in the meantime, as from today all NPs will be supplied as pictured below . The mesh really transforms the watch nicely as we hope you agree!

31 May 2020

I am pleased to announce that we are going ahead with a new watch for release later this year. As you will see, this is what many would term a ‘field watch’ and as such it has been designed and specified for everyday wear, requiring little intervention from the wearer.  We wanted this one to be rugged, accurate and reliable.
The Newmark 52 features an asymmetric case, sapphire crystal and 100m water resistance.  Three versions will be available which will hopefully suit all tastes: velvet black dial with white hands and markers, gloss black gilt relief dial with gilt hands and matt ivory dial with heat blued hands.  Given the intended use of this watch then we have opted to use a quartz movement, albeit with a little difference (4 beats per second central seconds hand) which will give the watch a vintage feel but with quartz accuracy.
The ’52’ moniker comes from two things – the original Newmark company produced a series of watches in 1952 which were marked as ’52’ on the dial and of course, the dial of this watch is very much of that era.
Each version will come on a military style strap, the final design as yet to be confirmed.
Given the uncertainties that the current situation has created then it is difficult to give an exact retail price for the Newmark 52, suffice it to say I can guarantee that it will be less than £200 shipped worldwide.
We are hoping to be able to make the Newmark 52 available during October 2020. Development and production is now underway.
Render and specifications below:
Newmark 52

Newmark 52 Specification (Subject to confirmation)

Material: 316L Stainless Steel with brushed finish
Diameter: 37mm across bezel
Lug tip to lug tip: 46.5mm
Lug width: 20mm
Thickness: 12mm to top of crystal
Solid screw down case back with circular brushing
Removable spring bars
Water resistant to 100 metres (static pressure)

7.5mm Stainless steel, signed, non-screw down with 28 teeth

Sapphire with underside anti-reflective coating

V1: Velvet matt black with white markers
Super Luminova  C3-X1 grade to Arabic numerals

V2: Gloss black with gilt relief markers
Super Luminova  C3-X1 grade to Arabic numerals

V3: Matt ivory/off white with black markers
Super Luminova  C3-X1 grade to Arabic numerals

V1: Matt white with Super Luminova C3-X1 fill to hour and minutes hands and seconds hand diamond
V2: Polished gilt with Super Luminova C3-X1 fill to hour and minutes hands and seconds hand diamond
V3: Heat blued steel with Super Luminova C3-X1 fill to hour and minutes hands and seconds hand diamond

Seiko Instruments VH31A Sweep Second Quartz; timekeeping by hours, minutes and central seconds hands;
Special function: 4 beats per second central seconds hand
Jewels: 2
Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds per month
Battery Life: 2 years

6 April 2020

The website has been rehashed a little as you will see and we have updates on the following products:


The 6BB, HS and NP Panda Chronos are all available on the site. The 6BB and HS now come with one strap – the 6BB with the Admiralty Grey NATO and the HS with the leather backed Cordura NATO.

The price of all three chronographs is now £279.00 shipped worldwide. When buying more than one chronograph a 5% discount will automatically be applied.

Newmark 71

Our remainder stock of the 71 is now available for purchase. As you will see from the gallery and item pages, due to the low numbers available (in one case just one watch) then it is impractical to use the shopping cart system.  There is however a form to use for enquiries which automatically tells us which model you are interested in. We will respond ASAP and can send you a PayPal invoice for purchase.

The watches on offer can be found here:

Newmark 71

21 March 2020

The Newmark Panda has been made available earlier than anticipated given the current health situation worldwide.  It can be found here: Newmark Panda

Other news concerns the Newmark 71.  Kickstarter watches have shipped and we’re working on putting remainder stock online.  The graphic below shows the variations that will be available with the numbers in brackets indicating quantities of each model.