Introducing Klarna 0% Interest: A Seamless Way to Make Time Yours

Introducing Klarna 0% Interest: A Seamless Way to Make Time Yours
Introducing Klarna 0% Interest: A Seamless Way to Make Time Yours
You asked and we answered. Klarna is now available on all watches in our store, meaning you can buy now and pay later, or spread the cost of your new watch across three interest free instalments.

Flexible Payments with Klarna

At Newmark Watches, we understand that acquiring a new timepiece is not just a purchase; it's an investment. We want to make this investment as accessible and stress-free as possible for our valued customers. With Klarna, you now have the flexibility to spread the cost of your new watch or opt for three interest-free instalments.

Why Klarna?

Convenience: Klarna is designed to simplify your shopping experience. At checkout, you can select Klarna as your payment option, and you're on your way to owning a stunning Newmark timepiece without the need to pay in full immediately.

Spread the Cost: Life is full of unexpected twists, and we believe your payment options should adapt to your lifestyle. Klarna allows you to spread the cost of your watch, making it more manageable without compromising on quality.

Interest-Free Instalments: Choose the option that suits you best - pay in three 0% interest instalments. Enjoy the benefits of flexible payments without the worry of added charges.

How It Works

Select Klarna at Checkout: When you're ready to make your purchase on the Newmark Watches website, add your desired watch to your basket and then simply choose Klarna as your payment option during checkout.

Enjoy Your Watch: Once your order is confirmed, your new watch will be on its way to you. Wear it with pride and style and don’t forget to show it off on social media using #WearerOfTheMonth when you tag us for a chance to win exclusive prizes!

Manage Payments: With Klarna, you have control. Monitor your payments, adjust your plan if needed, and experience the joy of owning a Newmark timepiece without compromise.

A Partnership Rooted in Customer Satisfaction

Our partnership with Klarna reflects our dedication to providing a customer-centric shopping experience. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own a quality timepiece, and Klarna aligns seamlessly with this ethos.

Stay Connected
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Time is Yours, Effortlessly

With Klarna, Newmark Watches empowers you to make time yours without the stress. Explore our collection, choose your favourite, and let Klarna handle the rest. We're not just offering watches; we're offering an experience that matches the exceptional quality of our timepieces.

Welcome to a new era of timekeeping with Newmark Watches and Klarna.
Time is now truly on your side.