Introducing the new heritage trilogy line from Newmark Watches.

Introducing the new heritage trilogy line from Newmark Watches.

When we sat down to design this range there was no question that we wanted to pay homage to our roots in the air, on the sea, and on land.

Air: The 6BB Chronograph

In 1980, the Royal Air Force issued the Newmark Chronograph to its aircrew. The Newmark was one of four asymmetrical chronographs of the period and arguably the rarest with just 500 at most being built. Vulcan, Harrier, Sea-King and Tornado crew would count amongst those who relied upon their Newmark and now you can too with this incredible classic design reimagined and brought back to life for the everyday hero of the 21st century. Discover more about the 6BB here

Sea: 71 Sports

The Newmark 71 Sports reimagines a classic design from decades past which we have updated, upgraded, refined and upsized. Once again, we have delved into the Newmark back-catalogue and produced a wonderfully updated version of a classic design. We’re pretty particular about how things are done and so when it came to the Newmark 71 we didn’t want to cut corners but at the same time wanted to stick to our values by ensuring we created a value for money watch that would stand the test of time; the 71 Sports is that very watch. Learn more about the Newmark 71 Sports here.

Land: 52 Field

The Newmark 52 Field watch owes its distinctive design (both case and dial) to military watches dating back to the 1950s, but as with all our of heritage trilogy collection it has been brought up to date with a modern quartz movement and a durable sapphire crystal ensuring that this watch is fit for field duty once again (or for just looking great on your wrist whilst out with your friends!). Explore the 52 Field in its entirety here.

After so long having to keep this trio under wraps it feels incredible to finally be able to share it with you all. We sincerely hope you love what we’ve done with the line up and that you’re as excited to strap one to you wrist as we were!

But, and we say this teasingly, that’s not all. We are already working hard towards new things in order to continue bringing you the very best that Newmark has to offer.

All we can say for now is… stay tuned.